Mount Pleasant Primary School

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Mt. Pleasant Primary School is situated 65km from Adelaide at the south eastern end of the Barossa Council area. The school was established in 1858 in what was originally a church. That stone building is still used today and has been partially restored. Mount Pleasant is a small school and although classed as a metropolitan school, is very much a country community school.

Student numbers have stayed between 50 and 80 students for the past 10 years. Most classes have multiple year levels. We fluctuate between 3 and 4 classes depending on numbers and year level distribution.

 We have a strong commitment to Numeracy and Literacy as well as Student Wellbeing.

Mount Pleasant Primary School is part of the Eat Well, Be Active program. All students, R-7, participate in a Healthy Snack time at 10am each day. Apart from daily fitness, PE lessons we also have a Student Led Fitness time on Friday afternoons.

As part of our sustainability focus the school has a vegetable garden with a propagation and a potting shed. We also keep chickens that are fed from the scraps produced during Healthy Snack time and often from the tasting and cooking of produce from the garden. Eggs are sold, as is any surplus vegetables, to pay for chook food etc. Our aim is to have an environmentally friendly, sustainable system operating. We are presently negotiating with the Upper Torrens Land Management group to help propagate plants and collect seeds for them.

The school has a native animal enclosure and we are presently undergoing a planting and beautification project where the students are planting many bird and butterfly friendly plants around the school.

Mount Pleasant Primary School has a very active Parents and Friends Association. The PFA run our fundraising efforts contributing much needed funds to the school. The PFA organises lunch orders every Friday and once per term have a Special Lunch for the students. At least once per term we have a Market Gate, selling cakes, biscuits and other produce donated by our school community.

The logo (above) represents a hand bell (one is till used today) and 8 gum leaves that represent the eight areas of learning.

The school motto, on our logo, is 'Our School - Our Future', a simple statement that says a great deal about what we believe. The school 'belongs' to all members of the school community, staff, students and parents. It is the partnerships we develop, nurture and maintain that allow us to develop our children to become positive participants in our future.