About Us

Mount Pleasant Primary School is situated 65km from Adelaide at the south eastern end of the Barossa Council area. The school was established in 1858 in what was originally a church. That stone building is still used today and has been partially restored. Mount Pleasant is a small school and although classed as a metropolitan school, is very much a country community school.

Student numbers have stayed between 50 and 80 students for the past 10 years. Most classes have multiple year levels and we have had 3 classes for a number of years.

The small school environment means that the school has a ‘family’ feel. The staff know all of the children and parents and we work hard to maintain a welcoming and friendly vibe. The whole school community forms a magnificent team that works together to do what is best for every student, every day.

Although the school is small and has been around for a very long time we are by no means behind the times. We have touch screen HD panels in each classroom and the students make great use of iPads, touch screen laptops, the 3D printer and online technologies to enhance their learning. Parents are kept up-to-date and informed through Class Dojo and Skoolbag.

We have a newly refurbished vegetable garden, a large oval, plenty of play space, a native animal enclosure and work on a nature play area will start this year. The work on improving our students and our school is continual as we strive to make our school the best it can be.

The school motto, on our logo, is ‘Our School – Our Future’. This simple statement says a great deal about what we believe. The school ‘belongs’ to all members of the school community; the staff, the students and the parents. It is the partnerships we develop, nurture and maintain that allow us to develop our children so they become positive participants in our future.